BOOK Binding services and Restoration

I would be happy to look at your book and talk to you about your book needs or project ideas. In order to give a proper estimate (at no charge) for a  restoration or repair, I will need to see the book to determine the extent of repair needed and then options will be discussed. Prices are determined by the amount of time it takes for a procedure, plus materials.

Below are samples of services that are offered.

Bible repair and restoration

Your well loved bible can be repaired and brought back to life.

New cases can be made (soft or hard cover) out of leather or imitation leather (your choice) or sometimes just the spine can be replaced and the covers reattached. Corners, end caps, hinges and pages can also be repaired and if need be, texts can be resewn.

New titling, labels or tooling are also options.

book repair and restoration

Books, both old and new, can be restored. Often a book needs to be taken apart in order to be rebuilt again. I take great care to preserve and reuse the parts that are intact and I can often repair what isn't.

Covers can be cleaned and reattached; new spines can be made; corners and end caps repaired; pages repaired and texts resewn. The books will be in much better shape, though I take care to keep the books looking their authentic age.


CUstom books AND clam shell boxes

In addition to restoration, I make my own book cloth, marbled papers and create new books. I hand sew new texts and bind dissertations, small editions (up to 10) and miniature books. I also repair maps and certificates.

A simple or elaborate clam shell box can be made to hold your precious book to protect it from light, dust and moisture. Box prices vary according to size and type of materials used, (beginning at $85. and up.)